Paducah City Commissioner Sarah Stewart Holland

"Elections are about the future."

Mark McKinnon 


Why me?

First and foremost, I’ve spent the past six years developing strong relationships with people across this community, which has given me a deep and complex understanding of the challenges facing Paducah. I work with business owners who tell me the problems they face in finding qualified employees, working with the city, and competing in a global economy.

As the mother of small children, I understand firsthand the challenges of raising kids today. I also spend lots of time talking to other parents in our community about the need for green space, infrastructure, educational events, and opportunities for our kids to grow and succeed not only in school, but in this town.

As a volunteer, I’ve worked in the Community Kitchen, Easter Seals, Oscar Cross Boys and Girls Club, my church’s Reading Camp, and my son’s school. I’ve listened as both those serving and those being served have shared with me how city government can do a better job of making sure Paducah’s successes are shared by all.

Also, I’m a mom and I’m a social media coach. Both of those jobs require a huge amount of adaptability, innovative problem-solving, and doing a whole lot with a little. Whether I’m taking my kids out on a Saturday or helping a small business get the biggest bang for their buck on Facebook, I truly believe I’m using a similar set of skills - skills that best qualify me to be your next city commissioner.

I have to listen. I have to communicate effectively to different audiences daily. I have to make quick, impactful decisions. I have to constantly be aware of shifting priorities and reduced resources.

More than anything, I work hard whether it’s to create the best life for my kids, the biggest successes for my clients, or the best Paducah for everyone.


Transparency + Trust


My top priority is addressing the loss of trust between the city government and its constituents. Just like any relationship, trust issues can be the main obstacle to healthy growth, and the more I look the more I see they’re at the heart of every concern I hear from Paducah citizens.

The anger over misuse of taxpayer dollars, the frustration over the River Front Development project,  the concerns about our slowed population growth - they’re all about trust.

Until we have leaders who are transparent about their decision-making and who communicate instead of just talking, I’m afraid nothing is going to get any better. We need a strategy to keep Paducah moving forward, but people aren’t going to invest in that plan if they don’t trust the people proposing it. I can promise the moon, but I’d rather promise people my honesty, both about myself as a person and my ideas for Paducah. I refuse to tell people what they want to hear just to get elected. I can’t promise effective solutions without first being honest about the problem.


Ready to help?